Adria vans Twin 640 SLX

Twin 640 SLX

Getaway Vehicle

The Twin 640 is just under 6.5m in length, with four sleeping places and 4 homologated seats. Our vans offer more accommodation thanks to their length, intelligently designed layout and features.

Prices from £43,990
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Adria vans Twin 600 SP

Twin 600 SP

For active holidays

At just under 6m in length, sleeping up-to three people, the Twin 600 is a popular choice thanks to its length and features. Our vans boast intelligent interior, features and high specification making the perfect travelling companion.

Prices from £41,990
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Adria vans Twin 540 SPT

Twin 540 SPT

For active getaways

At under 5.5m in length, the compact Twin 540 sleeps up-to three people. A best seller thanks to the vans dimensions, features and overall usability. It excels in town or country, short or longer holidays.

Prices from £41,490
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Adria vans Twin 500 S

Twin 500 S

For urban escapes

The Compact Twin 500 under 5m in length, is popular with couples thanks to its compact dimensions, features and overall usability. These vans excel in town even as a daily-driver, or in the country for short or longer holidays.

Prices from £40,990
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Adria vans. Designed for living.

Details matter

Adria’s Twins, come in up-to four lengths, at 4,99m, 5.46m, 5.99m and 6.36m. Agile vehicles with adaptable interiors,a choice of layouts, furniture and textiles.

Only Adria offers innovative solutions such as Adria’s ‘hotel style’ ‘Ergo’ washrooms, a wide selection of sleeping solutions, optimized and flexible storage.

Details really matter, from the contemporary interior design to where we locate the heating – all Adria vehicles are ‘designed for living’.


A wide range of sleeping solutions on berths with optimized dimensions and comfortable mattresses.


Contemporary interiors with a feeling of space and great functionality. Excellent integration with the driving cabin, dinettes and a wide choice of furniture and textiles.


New Intelligently-designed kitchens based on ergonomic principles with everything in the right place. Integrated functionalities and the best appliances


Hotel style’ washrooms designed using ergonomic principles, with excellent functionality and touches of luxury. Quality washroom equipment, useful storage and layouts including our Central Extendable washroom in many vehicles, to maximise space.

Fiat Ducato in a choice of colours

Adria Twins are perfectly integrated on the Fiat Ducato, with new Euro6 engines and lengths at 4,99m, 5,41m, 5,99m and 6,36m depending on layout chosen. The Fiat Euro6 engines offer powerful performance and economy with choices of 2,0l and 2,3l capacity and 115, 130, 150 and 180 HP. Most models offer automatic gearbox.

There’s all new graphics and a choice of exterior body colours too.


Adria vans. Designed to perform.

Real-world performance

All our Adria vans are also designed to perform. Everything is meticulously designed, developed and tested to ensure your safety, comfort and enjoyment when on your adventures. Built to enjoy, built to last.