Considering your first motorhome?

Motorhomes have never been more popular, so, if you’ve been tempted to consider how a motorhome might add to your lifestyle and help solve your holiday dilemmas, here are a few pointers of things to consider before making any decisions. 

Try renting one first. It’s a good idea to try renting one first, it’ll give you first hand experience of what a motorhome brings in terms of practical, get up and go convenience and on-the-move accommodation. You’re likely to be pleasantly surprised that using a motorhome is not difficult and that as a means of anything from weekend breaks to extended touring, they are hard to beat. 

Motorhomes offer a convenient form of leisure accommodation and transport. Unlike a caravan, there’s no towing of course and a motorhome is quite easy to drive, set up and move around. If you drive a car, its not that much of a step to driving a motorhome, you just need to get used to the extra size and height. You should check the requirements regarding driving licences (which varies by country) and you will be able to find motorhome driver training offered by many reputable national caravanning and camping clubs.

Motorhome trips do take a bit more planning than a car of course, but you’ll soon get your routine sorted; how to prepare, what to pack and so on. Owning a motorhome will become second nature and it will become central to your lifestyle, offering a new level of freedom and escape. 

Great sources of expert information include Adria dealerships; online Adria owner’s clubs and motorhome forums. In many countries also check out the national caravanning and camping organisations, who offer detailed advice on buying and owning a motorhome, often with added value services such as training, insurance, motorhome trip advice and campsites directories.

Adria offers a range of motorhomes and there’s sure to be one which meets your needs. Our most popular searched motorhome range is the Compact – more thank likely because these vehicles are lour shortest and lighter motorhomes, designed to go anywhere, with compact dimensions but no shortage of internal space, comfort and practicality.  

Our two best-selling ranges are related – the Coral is a low profile design, where the cabin and living space provide great space, beneath the exclusive sunroof, for atrium-style living, much loved, especially by couples. Its sibling, the Matrix is a crossover design, adding a well-integrated front drop-down bedroom above the main living space. These models are much sought after by families and also by people who have sports equipment, as they perfectly blend practicality, comfort and versatility. 

At the top of our motorhome range is the Sonic and Supersonic, our A class ranges where there is effectively no separation of the cabin and living space with much more space generally and a focus on comfortable luxury touring. Great for long distances, long stays away and much loved by families and by couples, who seek uncompromised accommodation on the move. 

Layouts. Adria offers many layouts, designed to offer something for everyone, across all the model families. Key considerations will be the number of sleeping berths you require, the number of travelling seats you need and then your preferences in terms of living spaces, practical features and comfort. 

Equipment. Most of our ranges offer Supreme models, indicating the level of standard equipment and features available, in this case the highest level of spec we offer. In addition there are also popular factory-fit and dealer-fit options and accessories which are available. Adria dealers and existing owners are good sources of information on lifestyle accessories you may wish to consider.

Considering your first motorhome?

If you are interested in buying your first motorhome, we recommend you talk to and visit your Adria dealership who can advise and provide you with a full vehicle demonstration and then use one of our online tools, which will help you decide on the best model for your needs.

Product configurator

When you get to the perfect layout for your needs, you can continue and actually configure your vehicle by selecting the engine, add equipment and optional extras, view the price (and weight - really important!) and even send this onto a local dealership to follow up with availability and delivery timescale.

Ready to take the next step?

When you are ready to take the next step, we suggest you arrange to visit an Adria dealer. We have a selection of dealerships across the UK, who are all experts on the camping lifestyle and on our vehicles. 

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