Why a campervan offers so much more than just a holiday!

To begin with there is the question: what type of holiday do you like? Do you go on holiday alone, as a couple or with the children? Or how long will the family vacation last? Is it mostly your main summer holiday on the plan or are you also thinking about a trip in the spring, autumn and winter? A campervan would actually would be a great fit ... And if you then include factors such as flexibility, spontaneity and the comfort of a home on wheels, you already mentally start to visualise your campervan adventures!

And yes, having your own second home ready to discover the world is just beautiful. But a Campervan is not only ideal for a few holidays a year! Your house on wheels can do so much more! Just imagine:

It's Thursday and instead of clouds and the occasional showers, the weather app suddenly shows sunshine, blue skies and temperatures of 15 degrees during the day. Yes, you could prepare the garden this weekend, clean the windows, treat yourself to the first ice cream of the year after the weekly shopping or even wash the car. Or you could pack the campervan and spontaneously drive off Friday afternoon to return on Sunday evening and enjoy the sea, the mountains, the nearest lake ... Or how about a city tour or a visit to a region nearby that has long been on your bucket list? 

There is a weekend antique market on. Maybe you would like to have a browse and perhaps you find a little something? And then there it is: the antique showcase cabinet that you have fallen in love with, and it's affordable too! Transport home? Simply open the rear doors of the campervan, fold up or raise the rear bed, load it. And while we're on the subject of transport: campervans have already proven themselves countless times as a cargo transporter for furniture and DIY store visits. 

You have planned an event: the parents are celebrating their golden wedding anniversary! And the guest list fills several pages. But the topic of 'accommodation' is not even an issue for you: you simply park the motor home up as a guest room in front of your parents' house. And it's super flexible: you can even arrive three days in advance to help with the preparations? That's fine! 

You are still in touch with your childhood friends and don't get to see each other so much these days. Sure, nowadays you can stay in touch with Facetime, but that's just not the same as getting together. Just pack up the campervan once a year and for a long weekend and enjoy a meet up. Stay connected in the real world! 

You are a person who likes to be alone from time to time. To recharge your batteries. Relax. Switch off and take a well-deserved time-out, some Me-Time! To read more than four pages of your book, and to do so without your mind already being on the next job to do. Finally learning the song on the guitar that you downloaded the music for three months ago. Replacing the standard running route around the house with a run along the coast or a trail run in the mountains. Despite good intentions, you usually struggle to fit these things into your daily routine. So just pack up your campervan and get away for a day or even a weekend. You will come home and be ready with new energy for everyday life, family and your job!

Festivals are scheduled! Live music under the open sky, party atmosphere, celebrate together with friends. But do you really have to spend the night in a tent? Not if you have your campervan with you. With your own bedroom, your own kitchen and - not to be underestimated - your own toilet, a visit to the festival almost becomes a luxury event. 

"Our summer vacation is definitely our highlight of the year," you may be saying now, "and not much else happens that often otherwise" That may be so due to commitments but some things only become feasible with the second home, some things suddenly work out less complicated. Make the best memories and wonderful moments all year round in addition to travelling the world and discovering new places! Campervans are for so much more than just a the annual vacation!

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