Your motorhome Winter checklist

The main purpose of owning a leisure vehicle is to enjoy all year round adventures. That said, winter can be a bit of a delicate period for some tourers, so whether you plan to continue to tour or plan to store your motorhome over the colder months then here are some simple steps to prepare your vehicle ready for winter use and ready for the Spring time.

Winter checklist | interior

  1. Remove textiles, food and electrical appliances such as coffee machines from the vehicle. If upholstery and mattresses remain in the vehicle: put them up. 

  2. Thoroughly clean the inside of the vehicle. 

  3. Leave all cupboards, doors and drawers open. In the case of the refrigerator, leave the door and freezer compartment flap slightly ajar. 

  4. Drain water systems and thoroughly clean fresh and waste water tanks, sterilise, rinse again and empty completely. 

  5. Drain the hot water system. 

  6. Check antifreeze in cooling water and windscreen washer system and top up if necessary. Raise the windscreen wiper. 

  7. Fully charge the starter and supply batteries. If there is a power supply, select trickle charge. Otherwise, remove batteries completely and store in a frost-free area or disconnect batteries. In both cases, recharge the battery from time to time and, in the case of acid batteries, check the acid level.

  8. Turn off the gas supply, disconnect the gas cylinders from the system and fit protective caps. Allow residual gas to escape from the system. Store rubber hoses and regulators in a frost-free place. 

  9. Carefully close or cover windows, doors and outside openings to prevent animals from entering. Ideally, ventilate well at regular intervals.

Winter checklist | exterior

  1. Thorough cleaning with washing, polishing and wax sealing. Remove leaves and dirt from the underbody, wheel housings, frames and drains of doors and sills.

  2. If necessary, repair or replace underbody protection.

  3. If necessary, repair paint damage or other damage.

  4. Clean windows and roof bonnets with special acrylic glass cleaner.

  5. Check seals on windows and doors, clean and treat with care product. Do not forget the roof hatches! Replace damaged rubber seals. Grease other rubber elements as well as hinges such as those on the crank supports or, if necessary, on the support wheel. 

  6. Clean and dry the awning, if present.

  7. Increase the air pressure in the tyres by about half a bar to prevent low air pressure in the tyres due to pressure loss. To prevent damage to the tyres because of pressure loss, jack up the motorhome or lower the supports. Alternatively, use tyre protectors. 

  8. Secure the vehicle against rolling away with wheel chocks, release the handbrake. 

  9. For vehicles with a plastic tank, the fuel tank should be as empty as possible; for vehicles with a steel tank, the fuel tank should be full to prevent corrosion. 

  10. If necessary, fit anti-theft devices.

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