In 2017 Adria Mobil constructed climate chamber for testing various products and its components to extreme climate conditions.

Mainly, testing is performed to evaluate heating and cooling (AC) performance of Adria products and resistance of main materials during thermal dilatation.

Identifying any exposed water installation parts (syphons) that could freeze and disable water system or even damage it. Also checking waste water functionality.

Slika6 (002)

Results of Grade 3, which is the highest performance demand, according to EN 1645 (caravan) and EN 1646 (motorhome) heating standards. Product has to achieve 35 °C difference in 4h, relatively to outside temperature. We heat product to +20 °C, while outside temperature is constant –15 °C. Product has  to heave 20 °C at centre and maximal ±7 °C difference at all four corners.

Product has to also pass a water test – working water system at outside temperature at -15 °C.

Besides heating and cooling performance, testing is also performed on:

  • Prototypes to optimize new products – approx. 40% of time
  • Serial vehicles as a part of quality control – approx. 60 % of time (internally called “super control”)
  • Various moving mechanisms behaviour in polar cold
  • Slide out, lift bed, chassis torsion stiffness
  • CO2 measuring to evaluate need for permanent ventilation
  • Adria is constantly adding new measuring points to exceed the demanded standards


In the first few months of testing we tested multiple products for heating performance (motorhomes, vans and caravans);Some of these as demanded for NCC* approval.

  • Slide out mechanism in cold
  • Lift bed mechanism in cold
  • Many CO2 tests for NCC (to evaluate safety permanent ventilation of the product)

And the testing continues…..