“We are really grateful to everyone involved..” commented Kevin,”..you don’t get better service than that, and it also showed the benefits of the Owners Club. It just makes us even more pleased that we chose an Adria motorhome!”

If you are unlucky enough to find that your motorhome has developed a serious problem, as Kevin and Jane Randall did in October 2011, their story should reassure other Adria owners that the Adria network is there to make sure that everything will turn out alright in the end.

Kevin and Jane purchased their Adria Vision in the spring of 2009. It was just under two years old, and it was love at first sight, with Kevin being particularly impressed with the size of the garage! Since then, they have spent many happy weekends pottering around Devon and Somerset, with longer trips to Cornwall and Wales – as Kevin runs a small business, he is reluctant to go away on holiday for more than 10 days!

Soon after returning from a very enjoyable tour around Wales in late summer 2011, ten days mainly spent on heritage railways (his choice!) and visiting castles (hers!) Kevin noticed a problem on the seam joining the front and side panels on the driver’s side. ‘Wavy-navy’ was a good description of what the side panel looked like along the seam, and it was obvious that the wood underneath had developed a serious problem!

Because they had transferred the 5-year warranty when the motorhome was purchased however, Kevin contacted the dealership, confident that they were covered for this sort of situation. They said that they would look into it, but were not sure that this type of bodywork problem would be covered. Naturally Kevin and Jane started to feel a bit anxious as a couple of weeks passed by, and, having received an email from the Adria Owners Club Chairman on another matter, Kevin replied and told him the tale.

This produced a startling response – less than a day later the phone rang, and the dealer was asking them how soon they could get the vehicle to them, as it was booked on a low-loader later that week to travel all the way back to the Adria factory in Slovenia to be fixed!  Kevin and Jane spent the next day discovering quite how much ‘stuff” they were carrying in the motorhome, and how much room it took up when it was stored indoors! But it was a small price to pay, and the stripped-down vehicle was sent off at the end of October, and returned just before Christmas, as good as new – better in fact, as both front seams had also been securely covered with a protector strip.



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