“Last Thursday we said goodbye to our Adria Compact SL. We have had a fantastic time over the four years we have owned it and have mostly used it for mountain bike competitions in the UK and Europe but also for holidays to France and UK destinations . This Thursday we pick up our new motorhome as we are upgrading from Adria’s Compact range to their Matrix range.

We have decided to opt for a bigger motorhome because we needed the extra bed at the front of the motorhome. When it was just me and my dad going away it was perfect as a 2 berth motorhome but when the whole family came away we needed the extra room and the matrix was the solution to that problem.

Having that extra bed and room in both the living and garage area will make a huge difference especially on cold wet days. The Compact was our first ever motorhome and over the 4 years of owning it we have become very knowledgeable on both the Adria brand and also the motorhome market. The reason why we have stayed with the Adria brand is because they are very good value for money, have exceptional build quailty, they are fully winterised with unbelievable heating systems proving fantastic in the winter and a really clever use of space/layout solutions. They are also in my opinion the best looking motorhomes on the market. We have not had any issues with our motorhome and we absolutely love the Adria brand. We can’t recommend the brand enough.

To the people reading this , if you are looking for a motorhome and are undecided what brand to go for I would highly recommend you look at Adria. In my opinion the build quality is great and you would expect to pay so much more for it.

Joe Griffiths – Matrix 670SL owner