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Scott Beaumont, is a professional Mountain Bike racer and uses the Matrix Supreme 670SL as a base of rest and freedom during his training and when competing in numerous races across the UK and Europe.

Introduce yourself

My name is Scott Beaumont and I am a Pro Mountain Bike Rider. My self-named Mountain Bike team is Beaumont Racing. It is a family team where everyone has a role towards me reaching my ultimate goals. My mum, June, is the team manager at races, my dad, Mike, is my mechanic and travels to all events with me. My fiancé Holly and my 7 year old daughter Astrid are then at every race as my support crew! It’s a great set up and I love racing with my loved ones trackside.

The story starts back in 1978 when I was born in Northallerton, a small town in North Yorkshire. Of course, mum was there, but dad. Well dad was in Germany racing motorbikes! As one of the best grass track, Speedway and Long Track motorcycle racers of the 70’s and 80’s weekends were all about racing! So I was born into a race family and by the age of 2 months, there I was in the back of a transit van driving through France on our way to the next race.

So, I’ll fast forward my Mountain Bike career to give you a quick highlights review. I have been National Champion 11 times, National Series Champion 12 times, European Series Champion twice and ranked in the top 3 in the World for the last 6 years. I was inducted into the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame in 2015 and we are focused on trying to be the first male rider to win both BMX and Mountain Bike World Championship titles. It is a career that I am extremely proud of.

How does a motorhome work well with your career?

I started racing at 4 years old and between 4 and 18, I believe we only stayed in a hotel for 2 races. Every other race we camped whilst we raced, and we camped all over the UK and Europe. We won, we lost, we met people and we had adventures. It was ace and gave me the kind of upbringing that Holly and myself will be looking to do with our daughter Astrid. A motorhome gives us all a base to relax and enjoy some family time and for me to recharge my batteries whilst training and racing.

Why is the Matrix a good support vehicle?

The Matrix Supreme 670SL is the perfect motorhome for MTB and BMX riders to have as a base at the races. There is space in the garage for at least 4 bikes and all the spares. it sleeps 4/5 comfortably and is extremely fuel efficient on the road. We think it is the perfect race support vehicle and are looking forward to many more races this year using the Matrix as our base. Anyone who attends my events are welcome to take a look around!

How do you feel the interior layout works for you?

The Matrix is really spacious and comfortable which means it is a pleasure to relax in, dine in and sleep in. My father travels with me to every race so to have two designated bedroom areas is ideal with the electrically managed overcab bed. The twin bed layout means there is so much space to accommodate us either as a family for a holiday and as a team for racing!

The kitchen is also really spacious offering a full oven and grill, hob and large fridge and means we can pack and prepare for longer trips away at ease.

How does your race schedule look for this year?

We have a fully packed year ahead with over 13 races scheduled. I am really energised and excited to get stuck in and enjoy the ride!

BMX National Series:

  • Round 1 and 2: National Cycling Centre, Manchester – 23, 24 March

  • Round 3 and 4: Cyclopark, Gravesend – 20, 21 April

  • Round 5 and 6: Cumbernauld Centurions BMX Club – 8, 9 June

  • Round 7 and 8: Platt Fields Park, Manchester – 22, 23 June

  • Round 9 and 10: Perry Park BMX Track, Birmingham – 6, 7 July

BMX World Championships:

May 16th - South Carolina, USA


Dual Slalom National Championships:

August 23 - Malverns


4X National Championships:

August 25 - Malverns


4X ProTour:

June 14th - Val Di Sole, Italy

July 13th - JBC, Czech Republic

August 3rd - Dobrany, Czech Republic

September 7th - Szczawno Zdroj, Poland


European 4X Championships:

September 21st - Leibstadt, Switzerland

What made you decide upon an Adria motorhome?

After talking to Adria at the NEC Motorhome & Caravan Show in October 2023, we all agreed that there were huge benefits to both of us to form a partnership. The Adria Matrix Supreme 670SL serves as a great support vehicle offering 4 berths, a huge garage and is such a versatile and flexible vehicle for what we need on the road.

I actually went back to the show in February 2024 to stand up in the inspirations theatre and talk about my career and how well motorhoming and racing work together.

Adria vehicles are well known for being robust and Adria have many years of experience in supplying vehicles for sports events and athletes. The Adria Matrix is designed for living and built to perform so it can offer everything required for a resting place at the end of each day to refresh and relax ready for the next adventure.

Do you also plan to use the vehicle for family trips away?

Absolutely! Camping was a very fond memory from my own childhood and we definitely plan to give our daughter Astrid the same experiences of life on the road in the great outdoors!

Astrid absolutely loved her grand tour of the Matrix and as you can see, already loves it!

I love to get back to the Matrix after training and enjoy a few home from home luxuries whilst on the road!

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