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Why an Adria Minivan might be the perfect solution for work, rest, and play.

Many people no longer wish to own a car, or cars, as well as a campervan. Surely, one very versatile vehicle is enough? The ideal solution is a regular sized vehicle which drives more like a car than a camper, a vehicle you can use every day, doing the commute, doing the shopping, and if you have kids, then doing the school run... and as for the weekend and holidays?

Here is when your wish list would likely include some sleeping accommodation, the opportunity to cook a meal, some relaxing space, some storage and maybe an outdoor shower. This maybe explains the surge in interest in minivans. These are space-efficient vehicles which tick all these boxes and more.

Adria, known for its expertise in minivans, has expanded its range with two series: the Active MPC and the innovative Mode, which transforms from a car to a camper in under thirty minutes.


The joy of an Active minivan is its compact, agile, and multipurpose character. The Active Duo is based on the latest Renault Trafic, available with choice of engine, and a manual or automatic gearbox.

Active offers a pop-top roof which is expertly integrated into the base vehicle, for secure closure when not in use and for ease of opening, when parked.

This brings great versatility, easy accommodation and maximises the use of space.

Active Duo

The Active Duo is the ideal MPV in which you can play, stay and use every day. A car when you need one for daily driving and A campervan offering comfortable, practical and versatile accommodation for your adventures. The benchmark minivan for those seeking the outdoor way of life, in comfort.

The new Active features a bench seat which rolls backwards to increase storage and there are two sliding side doors for great access. One layout, seating and sleeping up to 4 people, two on the converted bench and two in the pop-top roof accommodation. The interior furniture features classy white interior d├ęcor. There is a fixed kitchen unit with 1-burner stove, 42l compressor fridge and adjustable table.

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